This cloud service offers a "Free up storage" feature that deletes duplicates on
your device in the interests of maximizing its storage capacity.

Access your files
anytime, anywhere

You can access uploaded files from a smartphone, tablet or
computer wherever you may be.

And you can use the app’s “Auto-upload” feature for
pictures and videos.

If you use the mobile data to transmit the document(s) between
your device and the uHub plus, the relevant mobile data usage
will be deducted and/or charged from your mobile data subscription.

Free up
mobile storage space

The “Free up storage” feature helps you check uploaded
pictures and videos and will delete duplicates in portable devices,
thereby saving storage space.

Online photo printing

It only takes a few steps to use this online photo-printing service (FOTOMAX photofinishing)* and collect your photos from a designated FOTOMAX store.

* Minimum charge per order is HK$30.

Windows & Mac client

You can now browse files via the “File Manager Settings” on your Windows PC or Mac. In addition, you can place files into shared folders with permission to auto-sync. Files will then become available to view on other devices.

  • Share multiple files

    You can share multiple files throughout
    social networking sites or instant
    messaging tools via a hyperlink. Sharing, viewing
    and downloading suddenly becomes easier.

Download uHub plus app

Available in App Store & Google Play now